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Personal care

Personal Care Products

The personal care of patients is of key importance for their good physical and psychological condition, while many time it is also helping with the amplification of the positive results that come from systematic therapy.

The anatomical cushions that are available in do not just feature an anatomical shape like other similar products of this type, but are also made of an advanced-technology material called Μemory Foam which is soft and has the capacity to get shaped according to your head and neck, offering pressure-free and torsion-free support. We also offer anatomical back cushioning, neck cushions, and leg raising cushions that help in the better blood circulation.

For weaker patients who find it more difficult to cope during the cold days of the Winter, Advanced Healthcare offers heated blankets that constitute the most effective and economical solution.

In, you may find humidifiers made by renown Italian manufacturers and feature high performance combined with low energy consumption. These humidifiers can nebulize the water by using an ultra-sound technology to release the nebulae on the rate that the user selected.

In Advanced Healthcare, you may find all of the required personal care products and take advantage of our prices.
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