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Aquacel Extra dressings

Aquacel Wound Dressings

Τhe AQUACEL Extra is a hydrophobic, hydropolymer, and hydrogel-like patch made of oxygenated cellulose and having the form of a woven bandage. Upon contacting the wound secretions, it is instantaneously converted into a solid and transparent gelatinous patch. Thanks to its high absorbance rate, (seven times more than a standard bandage) it can hold large volumes of liquid in its fibers, while in the same time keeping the trauma surface wet (a prerequisite for quick healing conditions). Thus, it promotes angiogenesis and epithelization, helps in the removal of necrotic tissue (autolysis), has indirect hemostatic properties, helps in the soothing of the inflammation on the trauma, and can be easily removed without risking to damage the newly formed tissue. Moreover, it is the only patch that can absorb liquids from vertical wounds, thus preventing its erosion around the wound of the healthy skin.


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