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Duoderm dressings

Duoderm Dressings

Duoderm is a sterile hydrostatic hydropolymeric patch that constitutes of two layers: Α. the inner layer which contacts the wound and consists of hydrophilic polymeric elements (polysaccharides) like gelatine (collagen and other proteins), pectin, cellulose (of algae origin, mainly from brown seaweed), fitted in an adhesive polymer patch, and Β. the outer waterproof layer that consists of a spongy polyurethane layer.

Suitable for skin ulcers, pressure sores, leg ulcers, chronic ulcers, diabetic ulcers, first and second burns, transplants (donor) etc.

Duoderm Dressings. More information regarding the characteristics of the Duoderm dressings are available here. For details and use instructions click here.


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