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Every user who visits the website of our company and does use of the services of our e-shop is automatically considered as consenting to all terms and conditions that are laid out in this page, without exceptions and deviations. If you don’t accept these terms, you are not allowed to use this online space, or carry out any transactions with the electronic store. Submitting an order implies your acceptance of all terms.


The online product selling shop using the domain ahealthcare.com has been created by Advanced Healthcare


You agree that all risks that come with using this website are solely and exclusively your own responsibility. Our company makes every possible effort to provide you with high quality of services, but we cannot guarantee that there will be no errors or service interruptions.

In our online store, we include indications about the availability of our products. The actual inventory availability however, is only confirmed after you have submitted your order, and during its subsequent processing. If the availability or expected delivery times are different from what was stated on the website, the company will promptly notify customers of the truth. Under no circumstances is the company liable for any civil or criminal damage which can ostensibly and not limitedly can lead to loss of profits, data, and financial compensation, suffered by the website visitor, or any other third party who was related to the use of the website and our services.

The information that is contained in this website has been collected and reviewed with the utmost care. The company, in the context of good faith, does not take any responsibility, nor is it liable for the validity, correctness, and accuracy of the information, or for errors that may occur during the inputting of the data onto the e-shop. Any reference of actual external links leading to other websites are provided to you for your convenience, so the company is not liable for the contents, products and services that you will encounter in these external locations. All products and photos are illustrative.

The use of this website and the downloading of any information from it is done on your exclusive responsibility. The company bears no responsibility for any damage, in particular to your files, systems, or software, that may be incurred as a direct result of the above action. The company, in the context of its transactions through the online store that is located on the domain ahealthcare.com is not responsible for any further damages that may arise from the execution of the orders, or the non-fulfillment of these orders. The same applies for order fulfillment delays. No warranties can be given for the availability of the products.


The company reserves the right to freely modify the content, the terms of conditions of the transactions that occur in the electronic store that is hosted on the domain ahealthcare.com at any time they deem it necessary. Moreover, the company undertakes the obligation to update the present text with any changes or additions that concern the terms. That said, please review the terms every time you are planning to use this website.


All of the content found on this website, except for the content that belongs to our distributors, including the text, audio and video files, constitutes, unless expressly stated otherwise, the intellectual property of AHC Group. We reserve the right to legally prosecute anyone who indulges in the reproduction of the content described above, its alteration, transmission, reuse, ownership, exploitation, or any other form of use for public or promotional purposes without the written permission of the company.


Users agree and undertake the responsibility to not to use the electronic store ahealthcare.com for any of the following purposes:

  • sending, publishing, sending via email, or transmitting its content in any way that is illegal for any reason, causes unlawful harm, or damages. The same applies to any third party that infringes the privacy or confidentiality of the identity of any individual.
  • sending, publishing, sending via email, or transmitting its content in any way that constitutes an insult to other people’s morals, ethical context, social values, etc.
  • sending, publishing, sending via email, or transmitting its content in any way, while they do not possess the required written permit from the company, or in accordance with the applicable law. Such information includes insider data, confidential information that were acquired or disclosed to them during their employment by the company, or any other information that is covered by confidentiality agreements.
  • sending, publishing, sending via email, or transmitting any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights belonging to the company or third parties.
  • sending, publishing, sending via email, or transmitting software that contains malware or viruses, and any other programs that are designed to interrupt, damage, destroy, or disrupt the operation of other systems. This is applicable to both hardware and software.
  • deliberate or unintentional infringement of applicable laws or regulations
  • harassing third parties and other users in any way
  • collecting or storing personal data about other users


As a visitor of ahealthcare.com, you may browse our electronic store without giving away any private data or sensitive information. We will only require your typical, basic information that is required in order to carry out a transaction. We process and use your personal data only after you have provided us with your explicit permission to do so. Our company makes use of the personal data of the registered users or e-shop clients for the following reasons:

  • Delivery of the products to the desired location
  • Issuing of the relevant sales documents such as the invoices
  • Communication via the telephone or email, with the purpose of serving you
  • Informing you about new offers and products for which you have expressly asked us to during your registration, or at a later stage.

Our company is in no way sharing, selling, or renting your personal data to third parties. This data is used solely by the company, and exclusively for the reasons described in the privacy policy of the company. For more information on that, check out the section about “Sharing Personal Data”. All of this data is stored on network servers that are protected from unauthorized access and inappropriate use.


You agree that the company retains the right to terminate or suspend the use of its website and its services at its sole discretion, without providing any explanations, and even if access to the above remains permissible to others. In this case, the user is obliged to discontinue using the website. The company is not responsible for any termination or suspension of your access to our services.


If you are an individual and your purchase was made for personal use and not a business providing a service, then you are entitled to withdraw from your purchase within 14 calendar days, and return the product to us. This right is valid only if:

  • the product is in its original state.
  • and it is not a customized per user request product (eg a laser engraved stethoscope)

Product return costs burden the sender, which is you. A requirement for this is to fill out the relevant purchase withdrawal form, which you can find here. After 14 calendar days from the reception of the product have passed, the withdrawal will be deemed outdated. In the case that the product has been used and has lost its value, the amount of money that we will return to you will be smaller. The right of withdrawal shall not apply to cases exempted by the applicable law, or to products which are ineligible for resale after being unsealed, or to products that have been procured by the shop only after the order has been submitted (available upon order). If you feel that your request has not been met due to unfair practices from our side, you should contact the Consumer Dispute Resolution service and file a complaint.