About Advanced Healthcare

Who we are

Advanced Healthcare is engaged in the field of healthcare since 2005. Our company distributes medical supplies, offering a wide range of specialized equipment, from diagnostic tools, consumables, wheelchairs, orthopedics to hospital and clinic equipment.

We always strive to play a leading role in the field of medical products retail, with our excellent employees and meticulously structured organizational plan being at the epicenter of our attention.

Our company collaborates with large brands and manufacturers from abroad, and also maintains an exclusive representation for them in the Greek market. Moreover, we are the authorized reseller of many other brands as well.

Our products are available to retail customers through our websites and to wholesale customers through our new B2B (Business to Business) portal that we have built exclusively for this purpose.

Recently, we collaborated with overseas corporations and began to provide high-end integrated turnkey solutions.

We consider it our duty and obligation to deploy the latest available technology in everything that has to do with the provision of the best possible services to our customers. In addition to this, we offer free specialist advice over EOPYY provisions, and maintain a rich inventory of products that are covered through the Greek National Healthcare System.

Our company is certified by TÜV NORD, which is a medical products certification body. Our headquarters are located in the eastern side of Thessaloniki, in the “Voulgari” area, and at the intersection of Patriarch Grigoriou E’ and Gambetta 194 streets.

We apply our own comprehensive set of Privacy Policy to all of the websites and webpages that are owned operated by our company. For more info about that, check out: https://www.ahealthcare.com/privacy-policy