Cookies Policy


Our focus is on providing you with a productive experience on our website, which at the same time respects your privacy rights. As you browse our website, small, non-harmful files called “cookies” and “trackers” are stored on your computer in order to help us monitor and save your browsing preferences. This helps us better understand how you are using our website and enables us to better optimize it with the purpose of improving your experience while on it. The collection of this data is done through the Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tools, and the activity is in accordance with the GDPR laws and all applicable regulations. The anonymization of your IP address has also been ensured, while the unique user identification feature of our platform remains deactivated at all times.

The data is kept on our systems for 26 months since your last interaction with our website. Cookies do not acquire any information from other files that are stored on your computer, and are solely used to facilitate the visitor and help them enjoy a personalized browsing experience. Moreover, cookies are used for marketing and statistical analysis purposes, helping us identify which products and services that we offer are most popular, or useful for a specific category of customers.

The website of the company uses cookies and similar technologies in order to ensure the best user experience, analyze trends, manage the website, track the activity of our online visitors while they browse the website, and collect demographic data related to the user as a whole. Our cookies do not contain any information that may identify individuals. We collect certain information automatically through the use of cookies, and this information has to do with the ISP (Internet Service Provider), the referral and exit pages, the browser type and version, and other basic info that help us analyze generic browsing trends and manage our website accordingly. The users of the website may control the use of cookies, and if they wish, they may even disable cookies entirely. These services provide anonymous usage statistics to our developers.


Our company is using cookies during the manifestation of ad campaigns to identify the various user needs and facilitate the operation of the website. Promotional cookies help the website in identifying and recording the visitor preferences so as to ensure that you will enjoy the best possible browsing experience, as well as receive promotional material about products and services that you are interested in.


For the companies of Google (+YouTube) and Facebook (+Instagram), customizing your options in regards to the deliverance of remarketing advertisements can be done in the way that is defined by them, and may be revoked solely by you as described below.

In regards to Google, the collection and usage of data for targeted advertising in the healthcare field, we create ads in accordance with the guidelines that are described in the Personalized Advertising Policy, which can be found in the “Health in personalized advertising” section.

For further actions, you may set your ads serving preferences through the personalized options on your Google account settings.

In regards to Facebook, our website deploys remarketing techniques to display and promote targeted and personalized ad campaigns through text or images. The remarketing cookies that we use for this purpose help us to optimize and serve targeted advertising messages to our website visitors. You can set your preferences for these ads through your Facebook account preferences. In addition to this, you also have the ability to submit a complaint about the processing of your personal data by filling out Facebook’s data management and processing form.

As far as other applications that we occasionally deploy on our website are concerned, the are all in full accordance to the GDPR Regulation requirements. The cookies that underpin those tools are solely used for the purpose of informing you of offers that you would be interested in, and the offering of a tailored browsing experience on our website. If you wish to opt out of these marketing tactics, you may do so by contacting our company’s DPO.


In order to control the personalization of ads on other websites besides our own, you may visit the “Network Advertising Initiative” or “Your Online Choices” online platforms and set your preferences for the internet-based advertising that you agree to receive when using your current web browser.

The management and protection of your personal data is underpinned by the terms that are set by our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy, as well as the relevant and applicable provisions of both the Greek, EU, and international data protection laws.

To find out more about how Google uses your data, acting as a “Data Processor”, please read Google’s Privacy Policy.

If you have a Google account, you may review your privacy settings and manage the information that is stored on your account directly through the settings.

For more information about how cookies are used, you may check out Google’s dedicated webpage that details the matter.

To learn more about how Facebook uses your data as a “Data Processor”, please check Facebook’s own Privacy Policy.

For more information on how Facebook cookies work, you may visit and read their dedicated wiki on the matter.