Kaltostat wound dressings

Kaltostat wound dressings / alginate pads

Kaltostat wound dressings are alginate pads brown seaweed rich in cellulose (50%) and sodium calcium ions. On contact with wound fluids creates a viscous gels which maintains traumatic surface liquid, inducing and promoting the healing process. Allows easy and painless detachment when changing. Slightly hemostatic effect and four times greater absorbency by common gauze.


Kaltostat wound dressings / Kaltostat alginate patch Kaltostat wound dressings
Kaltostat & Kaltostat rope
Indications: It is ideal for highly exuding wounds, bedsores, limp leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, donor sites transplant, 1st degree burns, 2nd degree burns and infected wounds. In slight bleeding moderately or heavily exuding wounds can be used as a primary patch in combination with a wound area coverage Duoderm pad.
Patch Description Dimensions Pieces per pack
Kaltostat wound dressings /alginate pads Kaltostat 5 x 5 cm 10
Kaltostat 7,5 x 12 cm 10
Kaltostat 10 x 20 cm 10
alginate pads, cord kaltostat, Kaltostat wound dressings Kaltostat rope 2 gr rope 5
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