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Adhesive daytime diapers

Diapers with Stickers Hartmann Molicare Premium Soft for daytime

Ultimate protection free of leaks
They cover the whole 24 hours of a day with just 3 changes (2 during the day and 1 at night)
Packages of 30 and 14 pieces.


These incontinence diapers feature a fabric texture on their outer layer, they are impenetrable by any liquids, and they are equipped with a non-woven hydrophobic material on the hips area. They also feature an antibacterial non-woven material of Dry-Plus technology, a super-absorbent core that captures unpleasant odors, and a moisture indicator that helps alert the user for a timely change. The outer cover is made by non-woven material, while the inner layers hold the moisture and embrace the legs adequately. They also feature elastic folds around the legs, while the velcro adhesive tapes can be opened and closed as many times as required. They come in discreet white color with distinct lines that indicate the size and level of absorption. These diapers offer perfect protection thanks to their high absorption capacity and their reliability against leakages. They are able to maintain a pleasantly dry environment for the skin of the user thanks to their high air permeability in the hip area. Finally, these diapers are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Diapers Uses

This product is aimed to be used by patients who suffer by severe and very severe incontinence of urine and/or excrement, by people who need special care, and by patients who are very unease. These diapers are able to ensure a healthy environment for the skin, no matter the incontinence problems.


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