Pulse oximeter PRO M170

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Pulse oximeter PRO M170

PRO M130AR is a portable equipment adopting advanced technology that checks SpO2 and PR value through the finger, which provides advanced, non-invasive and scientific means for quantitative measurement of oxygen saturation. Oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (PR) are numerically and graphically displayed (bargraph display).

The PROMISE PRO M170 pulse oximeter is an essential instrument for every family. It measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate. With integrated SPO2 sensor and imaging processing unit. It is suitable for home use, for use in hospitals, for the care of the health of athletes, etc. The PRO oximeter is characterized by reliability, durability, accuracy in measurements, low consumption (duration 50 hours) and low price.

The PRO pulse oximeter is CE certified

Characteristics of PROMISE PRO M170 pulse oximeter

  • Oxygen Saturation Measurement Range: 35-100%
  • Heart Rate Measurement Range
  • 8 hours data record and analysis function
  • Power supply: Two 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (AAA size)
  • Alarm setting for maximum SpO2 value (Default 100)
  • Alarm setting for minimum SpO2 values (Default 94)
  • Alarm setting for maximum heart rate (Default 130)
  • Alarm setting for minimum heart rate (Default 50)
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