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Pressure ulcer aids

Pressure Ulcer Aids

The pressure ulcer aids are especially useful in cases of operations that cause pain and disturbance during sleep time. These aids help the patient limit the contact area and the friction of the sensitive body parts with the mattress, helping him/her enjoy an uninterrupted sleep while the healing process remains unobstructed and away from minor injuries.

The bedding cushions are aimed at patients who have undergone coccyx surgery or other relevant operations that require the use of spacers between the mattress and the sensitive body parts. For even more specialized needs, we offer air-hive cushions that are perfect for patients who want to avoid the risk of pressure ulcers.

Patients who remain stranded on the bed for long periods of time need to be careful on how to care for areas that are subject to continuous pressure, as these points are the locations where pressure ulcers are generated. For these points, we offer heel and elbow protectors.


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