Patient lift and tranfer device Body Up Evolution - BU 1000

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Patient lift and tranfer device Body Up Evolution - BU 1000

Body Up Evolution is the most appropriate tool for people with mobility problems. It combines 4 tools in 1! It is a patient lift, a bath/commode chair, an indoor wheelchair and it provides vehicle access. Plus, it secures financial benefits to the long-suffering family of the person with disabilities as its use would meet the needs of key devices that cost.

In a world of classical lifts, Body Up Evolution is making a noticeable difference in the daily lives of people with disabilities and hence their helper – other family members.

Specially designed to lift the patient from the sitting – natural position, with minimal muscular effort by the helper, without creating a feeling of insecurity to the patient.

After the "natural lifting", the elegant design of the Body Up Evolution (59,5 cm wide and 20 kg weight), allows patient transportation through most almost every room in home or even in his own wheelchair (increasing inner width).
Exchange the toil, with a range of functions that provide security, respect and dignity.

Advanced Patient Lift

  • The special gears and levers, are making the whole procedure simple and easy for all.
  • Physical stress is over; you don't longer have to use strength to achieve simple, ordinary tasks.
  • Back pains belong to the past.
  • Requires low maintenance and it is easy to clean.
  • No worries for batteries and charges.
  • Its light construction, allows you to carry it with you in the car.
  • The user, raise from the bed with ease and dignity.
  • Unlike any classical patient lift, Body Up Evolution has been designed to lift you from the bed while your body maintains its natural sitting posture.

All purpose bath/commode chair

  • After you are raised from the bed and without any additional conversion, use Body Up Evolution as a bath/commode chair since it is made of high quality stainless steel that makes it water-resistant.
  • No more compromises!
  • Be in the natural, private environment.
  • No more "bath beds"
  • Bathing and toileting are not a "taboo" anymore.

Indoor wheelchair

  • After you are raised use the Body Up Evolution as an indoor wheelchair, as sofa on wheels!
  • Or increase the external width and be placed on your favorite wheelchair.

Vehicle access

  • After you are raised from the bed, Body Up Evolution makes vehicle accessibility more feasible than ever.
  • Various models are making it compatible with most vehicle types.
  • The option for a ride is on a daily basis.
  • No expenses for car-modifications.

Body Up Evolution is available in 3 models BU-900, BU-1000 and BU-2000. Choose the one that suits you the best.

Things to know before the purchase

Body Up Evolution, has been designed for in-home use.

The two basic dimensions you should measure are:
1. Make sure to measure the distance between your door frames.
2. The gap between the ground and the bed in order to pass the Body Up Evolution beneath it.

Calculation for car accessibility

1. The gap between the ground and the car
2. The distance between the ground and the upper part of the seat


For users up to 100kg.


Stabilization Straps BU-03 [BU03]

Comfort Cushion BU-09 [BU09]

Combine the comfort cushion with your Body Up Evolution and convert it in to a comfort, transport wheelchair for indoor use. In addition, you can use it on your wheelchair, even if it is motorized. Fnally, use it in your car seat and...enjoy the ride!

Bath/Commode Cushion BU-05 [BU05]

Combine Body Up Evolution with the bath cushion accessory and you have a perfect commode/bath shower aid. Material: Silicon Gel. Dimensions: 42x42 cm


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