MoliCare Mobile (M) Incontinence daytime panties by Hartmann

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Molicare Mobile Incontinence Daytime Panty by Hartmann

For medium to severe incontinence of urine or/and excrement during the day.

These incontinence panties are put on and removed just like any common underwear. They feature an anti-bacterial non-woven material of Dry-Plus technology with neutral pH, a hyper-absorbent core which captures odors, and a humidity indicator which indicates the right time for a panty change. The panty's outer layer is covered by a non-woven material, while it also features hydrophobic inner layers.

Hips - abdomen
Extra Small 45-70 cm 14 items
Small 60-90 cm 14 items
Medium 80-120 cm 14 items
Large 100-150 cm 14 items
Extra large 130-170 cm 14 items

Description of the MoliCare Mobile panty by Hartmann

These panties are anatomically designed with elastic folds around the legs. They feature a textile outer coating that is impenetrable by any liquid. They offer perfect protection and comfort during their use, while they secure against excessive humidity. They are especially soft and also air-permeable so as to maintain a pleasant and dry environment for the skin. They are dermatologically tested and available in three different sizes.

Uses of the MoliCare Mobile panty by Hartmann

This product is meant to help people who suffer from medium to severe incontinence of urine and excrement. Due to their ease of use, they are especially suitable for toilet training. They are also very helpful for cases of unease patients or people who suffer from dementia.

Hartmann products are designed and manufactured complying with the highest and strictest quality assurance standards as these are designated by the relevant legislation about medical products.


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