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Male incontinence


Incontinence, treatment - solution

See here all the suggested solutions for the treatment of incontinence in men, women and children.

The problem of incontinence is defined as the unintentional loss of urine. Our company has a full range of products that covers the needs of people who deal with this kind of problem.

Kessel Clamp

C3 Clamp

Penile Catheter

Incontinence Diapers

The incontinence of urine is the situation where a person is unable to hold his/her urine, and contrary to his/her will, the urine is expelled into the environment. The incontinence problem may concern small amount of urine like a few drops in 24 hours, or complete loss of control which leads to continuous and complete loss of urine. This constitutes a huge problem for the patient, as well as his/her social milieu.

  • Stress Incontinence - is caused by a sneeze, cough, or physical exercise.
  • Urgent incontinence - sudden need for urination due to the unintentional bladder contraction.
  • Mix incontinence - a combination of incontinence by effort and urgent incontinence.

It is normal for every human being that reaches one year of age to gradually start controlling his/her urination process. This happens thanks to the parallel maturation of various nervous centers in the brain as well as the relevant training conducted by the parents. Very often, this ability for continence is disturbed by various causes, and this can happen to any age, to both genders, and can have either permanent or temporary effects, while it usually conceals some kind of a pathological condition. The determination of the condition and the treatment of the problem is the responsibility of the urologist.


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