Everyday aids

Everyday Aids

Small, simple to use but very important aids that can help patients cope with a wide range of issues relating to everyday hygiene.

This product category includes German-made hoggers for people who suffer from spinal stiffness due to relevant operations, glasses with nose opening for people who can't fully move their head or have undergone operations on the nose. Moreover, there are plastic medicine schedulers that help the patient keep up with the designated medical reception programme. For people who use lower doses of a medicine, there are special pill cutters made out of high-quality blades that make the cutting process easier. We also offer pill grinders to help those that utilize nebulizers as well, and additionally, these grinders are made out of safety glass so they can enter a washing machine.

Other aids include soft-plastic aprons that keep the patient clean while eating, plastic denture containers for proper storage, and metallic pharmacies for home medicine storage.

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