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Rope calcium alginate(Check prices)

Sorbalgon T and Sorbalgon patches

Patching deep wounds

Patch calcium alginate (consisting of calcium alginate fibers) for cases of deep wounds or wounds with a cavity which is used patted. Due to the absorption of exudate, the dressing rapidly converted to gels which ensures contact with the entire surface of the wound.

Sorbalgon patches
Patches in three different sizes for application according to your needs and economy.

Sorbalgon T patches
Cords tamponade, 30 cm length, especially for small diameter syringe and needle penetration passages.

Sorbalgon patches

Sorbalgon advantages

Clean the wound and remove secretions and even in case of deep wounds

Good quality coverage due to loose fiber composition

High absorption capacity

Easy to use as a dressing because of the flexibility of capillary fibers

Sorbalgon patches


They are used for treatment of all external wounds, particularly in cases of wounds and bleeding accompanied by secretions, as in these cases the formation of the gel acts to increase the therapeutic effect. In the case of larger and deeper lesions in Sorbalgon T is available in bead form in 2 dimensions. They contain active substances and calcium fibers of which are made by exchanging the sodium salts containing blood and secretions converted into hydrophilic gel filling the cavities of the wound.

In this way created close contact with the wound and favorable microclimate for healing. Microbes encapsulated in the transformation process in the gel structure.

Sorbalgon is not woven, but is composed of a soft fiber combined with excellent skills crease.


First of all for the care of all types of external wounds, especially bleeding and exuding wounds as the formation of gel accelerates the healing eg for venous ulcers of the lower limbs, pressure sores, abscesses, boils, burns and wounds which do not heal quickly after an accident or surgical removal of tumors. For treatment of deep wounds and fistulae placed the cord (Sorbalgon T). The string tamponade Sorbalgon T 30 cm long and is suitable for small-diameter syringe and needle penetration passages.

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