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Wet-Stop 3 is a pioneering awakening device that is used for the treatment of the nocturnal enuresis. The device detects the increased moisture levels that is caused by the enuresis process thanks to a humidity sensor that is connected to the alarm through a cable. When enuresis occurs, the alarm goes off and wakes up the child immediately. The alarm can be pinned on the clothes of the child, and it can be set to ring with five different sounds in case the user gets used to one of them and doesn’t respond to it. The humidity sensor is pinned on the underpants of the child.

This product is FDA-approved (US Food and Drug Administration) since 1979. Since then, there have been more than 275000 WetStop devices sold around the globe. Trust us with the safe treatment of your child’s disorder!
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  1. Works with two AAA batteries
  2. Offers five different alarm sounds
  3. Can be pinned on the clothes by using a special magnet attachment clip
  4. Alarm sound is accompanied by vibration
  5. One year of limited warranty

How to use the nocturnal enuresis alarm

Test before first use: Open the lid on the back side of the alarm and place two AAA batteries. If the batteries are charged and you installed them correctly, the while button that is located on the side of the device will start blinking. Connect the cable that is attached to the humidity sensor with the device. Then, open the clip and place a wet rag inside and close it. If the device works properly it should start vibrating and producing the selected alarm sound. To deactivate the alarm, you may reset the device by holding the white button for four seconds and disconnecting the cable with the sensor to wipe it from the liquids using a dry towel. Note that the sensor is so sensitive, that it may be activated even by the humidity of your hands.

Wet-Stop 3 user instructions

  1. Open the lid of the batteries compartment and there you will find a switch with three options namely: V= vibrate only, A= alarm only, and VA= vibrate and alarm.
  2. Put the switch on the setting of your choice and close the lid.
  3. Connect the device on the child’s cloths using the magnetic clip. If this option isn’t comfortable, you may also attach it by using a safety pin that can pass through the hole that is located above the magnetic clip.
  4. Run the cable under the clothes and using the clip connect the humidity sensor on the underwear of the child.
  5. Try to position the sensor as close as possible to the source of the urine, as the closer proximity will result in more immediate action.
  6. Make sure that every part of the device is steadily fixed.
  7. Note that even the smallest amount of humidity will activate the device, so ensure that the underwear are adequately dry.
  8. In the case of nocturnal enuresis, the alarm will go off. You may deactivate the device by applying the procedure that was described in the previous paragraph.
  9. Finally, dress the child with a new underwear and reattach the device.

Watch the following video that shows how to stop nocturnal enuresis


How can parents help keep a dry bed

During the training of the child, parents must provide all the help that is needed for the treatment of the nocturnal enuresis, the waking process, the deactivation of the alarm and the reapplication. It is often the case during the first days of using the device that the child will still not be able to hold the urine.

Gradually, the child will develop a faster response to the alarm and then hopefully will start waking up when there’s a need for urination and go the the toilet in time. Even in the cases that the child won’t be able to hold the urine, the leak will be limited in the underpants, thus not wetting the bed.

After a period of one to three months, the child will have been fully trained not to wet the bed. It is recommended to stop the use of the device after the child has managed to not to wet the bed for a whole month’s time. If the problem reoccurs for two or more nights in the row, then the device should be used for another month.

Use tips on the correct use of the nocturnal enuresis alarm

  1. You should remind the child of the fact that he/she should stop urinating as soon as he/she anticipates the alarm sound or vibration.
  2. During the early phases of using the device, you should help the child wake up and go to the toilet. Turn on the lights to help the child wake up, and apply a wet towel on the face to help if the sleep is too deep. In the next morning, ask the child if he/she remembers the alarm.
  3. Do not wake up your child to visit the toilet on predetermined times, but only before it goes to bed for sleeping, or if your doctor has consulted you otherwise.
  4. If the mattress or the underwear are wet, they should be replaced with clean and dry ones or else the alarm will go off again.
  5. Enough sleep time will help your child be better rested, allowing it to respond faster to the alarm.
  6. Praise the child when it achieve small steps of progress on the treatment. Fill in the rewarding map that is included in the product package together with your child. Use the silver stickers when there are minor accidents, and use the gold stickers when the child is urinating in the toilet, remaining completely dry.

Cleaning and changing the batteries

Wipe the humidity sensor with a dry towel. Do not rinse the towel in water. The batteries need changing when the alarm doesn’t go off, or when the sound that is produced is very weak, or when the white button doesn’t light up when it is pressed. Use two AAA batteries.


  1. Wet-Stop 3 should not be used on children that are under four years of age.
  2. Make sure that the cable isn’t tangled around any parts of the user’s body.
  3. Make sure that the child isn’t putting the device components in his/her mouth.

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