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Dribblestop clamp

The Dribblestop Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp is an external clamp that gently applies pressure to the top of the penis, as well as the urethra on the underside to effectively control bladder leakage. The clamp is equally effective on controlling incontinence on both circumcised or uncircumcised men.

The entire penile clamp is made of lightweight plastic and medical approved foam that has been specially sculpted and shaped for flexible comfort and softness; plus, it does not absorb liquid. The result is a soft, natural feel – this penile clamp is so small, discreet and comfortable, 7.62 cm (3 inches) long and only 1.27 cm (1/2 inch) wide you won’t even notice it’s there!
Σφιγκτήρας ανδρικής ακράτειας Dribblestop®

Product Description

  • Custom Fit
    The Dribblestop Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp is fully adjustable. Each penile clamp comes with different sized links resulting in a choice of size options from small to large.
  • Allows Blood Circulation
    The Dribblestop Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp does not apply any pressure to the sides of the penis. Since blood circulation is unrestricted, the clamp is comfortable and safe for 24 hour bladder control.
  • Easy to Clean
    Closed-cell foam does not absorb liquid. The Dribblestop Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp can be easily hand washed with warm water and soap.
  • All Plastic Construction
    The Dribblestop Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp is made entirely of plastic and foam and will pass easily through metal detecting systems, like those used by airport security.
  • Made in Canada
    Dribblestop Male Urinary Incontinence Clamps are 100% Canadian made. Patents in Canada and USA.

Dribblestop Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How does the Dribblestop incontinence clamp work?”

It takes very little pressure on the urethra to stop urine flow. When adjusted to a comfortable size and fit, the clamp will restrict urine flow by applying slight pressure to only the top and bottom of the penis. The Dribblestop clamp is worn just behind the head of the penis and should be comfortable but effective, and urine leakage should stop.

“How small is the Dribblestop clamp?”

The clamp is only 7.62 cm (3 inches) long and 1.27 cm (1/2 inch) wide and is made entirely of plastic and medical grade, sculpted and shaped foam, making it comfortable, lightweight and discreet.
Is the Dribblestop clamp comfortable?

The entire penile clamp is made of lightweight plastic and medical approved foam that has been specially sculpted and shaped for flexible comfort and softness. When adjusted properly urine leakage will stop, plus the clamp is so small and comfortable you should be unaware that you are even wearing the clamp.

“Is the Dribblestop clamp adjustable?”

The clamp is fully adjustable. You can adjust to just the right size by simply changing the link size or selecting a different notch. Easy to read full instructions are included with each kit.

“Why does a Dribblestop Kit come with two clamps? Why can’t I just order one clamp?”

The reason we only sell the Dribblestop clamps in packages of two is because it is very important to rotate the clamps on a daily basis. This allows the memory foam to regain its shape after a day of use, and will allow you to get a longer life out of your Dribblestop clamps.

“Will the Dribblestop clamp work if I am circumcised? Or not circumcised?”

It does not matter as this will not have any effect on the performance of the clamp. If you are circumcised, just place the clamp 1-1.5 cm (1/2 inch) behind the head of the penis.

If you are not circumcised, or have extra loose penile skin, the natural tendency of this loose skin to move down over the head of the penis, so pull any loose skin OVER the penis head and then position the clamp behind the head of the penis 1-1.5 cm (½ inch). This will prevent the loose skin from moving further down the penis causing the clamp to fall off.

Full instructions are included with each Dribblestop Kit.

“Does the Dribblestop clamp impair circulation or sensation?”

The Dribblestop clamp has been specifically designed to apply slight pressure only to the top and bottom of the penis; it takes very little pressure to stop the flow of urine. Blood circulation is not restricted on the sides of the penis and when adjusted to a comfortable custom fit the clamp will control urine leakage without affecting penile sensation or circulation.

“How long can I wear the Dribblestop clamp?”

The Dribblestop clamp can be worn safely for 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you are lacking the natural urge to relieve yourself, it is advisable to release the clamp every two to three hours to avoid overfilling the bladder.

Most men will have a significant drop in urine leakage while in a horizontal position. To allow the penis a rest from the clamp you may prefer to wear a pad during bedtime hours. If is it essential to wear the clamp while sleeping, adjust the clamp to one size looser than you would normally wear during the day.

“Can you replace the foam on my Dribblestop clamp?”

Due to health and hygiene reasons we are unable to do this.

“How do I clean my Dribblestop® clamps?”

The clamps are made of plastic and are lined with medical grade, closed-cell foam padding that will not absorb liquid. Simply hand wash with soap and warm water, rinse and towel dry. Your clamp is ready to wear again immediately.

“Can I go into a pool or hot tub while wearing the Dribblestop clamp?”

Yes, the chlorine from pools or hot tubs should not affect the clamp. Make sure to wash the clamp thoroughly after being in the pool to avoid any chlorine irritation.

“How do I know if the Dribblestop clamp is positioned correctly?”

If you have the clamp positioned correctly and all leakage has stopped, you should be unaware the clamp is on. If you can feel the clamp by either discomfort or pain, then the clamp is too tight and needs to be adjusted by selecting different notches or different links. Make sure there are no wrinkles in the penile skin as this could also cause discomfort.

“Should I consult my doctor before wearing the Dribblestop clamp?”

This may not be necessary unless you have other medical problems besides incontinence. If there is a history of other problems, we suggest you talk to your doctor first.

“Can I wear the Dribblestop clamp when traveling?”

Most definitely. The clamp has no metal parts, and will let you pass easily through airport security systems without setting off the alarm. Two clamps in the kit will also assure you have an extra clamp if one should get lost on your trip.

“I am wearing the Dribblestop clamp but still dribbling. What should I do?”

The clamp size probably just needs adjusting. Try different notches or different link sizes. The clamp should be just tight enough to control urine flow, but loose enough that you do not know it is on. The goal is a comfortable fit with no leakage.

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