Hydrocoll patch

The hydrocolloid rapid absorption patch for wet wound treatment.


Hydrocoll patch is an absorbent, self-adhesive, hydrocolloid dressing with semipermeable coating impermeable to germs. Conversion of hydrocolloid gel creates a moist environment around the wound wherein the gel remains absorbent until saturation hydrocolloids. Accelerates granulation and epithelialization process. Removed easily without irritation. Available in various types and sizes.


The Hydrocoll indicated for the treatment of wounds that do not show clinical infection image light to moderate exudate, particularly for the treatment of wounds with poor healing and slow granulation as e.g. in cases of ulcers of the legs or ulcers of decubitus and second degree burns. The Hydrocoll sacral specially designed for treating ulcerations flooding in the sacrum area, while Hydrocoll concave is designed for application to the heel or elbow.


In five different sizes according to the therapeutic needs.

Hydrocoll® concave

For the treatment of wounds in the heel and elbow. The special shape easily converted into housing adapted to the affected area of the body.

Hydrocoll® sacral

Especially designed for the treatment of ulcerations flooding in the sacral bone region.

hydrocoll patch Hartman The bubbling marks saturation hydrocolloids and thus the need to replace the pad

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