Hydrocoll patch The hydrocolloid rapid absorption patch for wet wound treatment. Characteristics Hydrocoll patch is an absorbent, self-adhesive, hydrocolloid dressing with semipermeable coating impermeable to germs. Conversion of hydrocolloid gel creates a moist environment around the wound wherein the gel remains absorbent until saturation hydrocolloids. Accelerates granulation and epithelialization process. Removed easily without irritation. AvailableContinue reading


Advanced HealthCare has fully qualified and highly trained nursing staff, patients capable service, free of charge, throughout Greece. For any information about our products (send, application, applications to social insurance funds, etc.) contact us Rope calcium alginate(Check prices) Sorbalgon T and Sorbalgon patches Patching deep wounds Patch calcium alginate (consisting of calcium alginate fibers) forContinue reading

Usage Instructions for Aquacel Surgical and AG patches for wound dressing

Usage Instructions for Aquacel Surgical and AG Patches These sterilized covering patches are post-surgical accessories that consist of a knitted inner patch that is made with the “Hydrofiber” technology and stitches of ionized clay that are bonded together with nylon and elastane yarns. This remains in place between two layers of hydro-adhesive material and oneContinue reading

Kaltostat wound dressings

Kaltostat wound dressings / alginate pads Kaltostat wound dressings are alginate pads brown seaweed rich in cellulose (50%) and sodium calcium ions. On contact with wound fluids creates a viscous gels which maintains traumatic surface liquid, inducing and promoting the healing process. Allows easy and painless detachment when changing. Slightly hemostatic effect and four timesContinue reading

Hartmann wound dressings

Hartmann wound dressings The aim of this guide is to provide you with an overview of ydroenergon patches use for chronic wounds in conjunction with the current incident, helping in this way systematically in your treatment options. The daily care of chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers (ulcers pressure sores), diabetic foot or ulcus crurisContinue reading

Duoderm wound dressings

Duoderm wound dressings Duoderm CGF patch “DuoDerm adhesive hydrocolloid dressing hydrophilic polymer components (gelatin, pectin, cellulose) and an outer waterproof polyurethane foam layer on DuoDerm CGF” Duoderm a sterile hydrostatic ydropolymeres hydrocolloid pad consisting of two layers: a. The inner layer which contacts the wound and is composed of hydrophilic polymer components (polysaccharides) such asContinue reading

Wound dressings

Wound dressings: DUODERM, AQUACEL Duoderm wound dressings are sterile hydrostatic ydropolymeres hydrocolloid pads consisting of two layers: a. The inner layer which contacts the wound and is composed of hydrophilic polymer components (polysaccharides) such as: gelatin (collagen and other proteins) pectin, cellulose (alginikis origin mainly from brown seaweed), joined in an adhesive polymer. b. TheContinue reading